What is Hózhó?

Hózhó is the complex philosophy and belief system of the Diné (Navajo) people. It is comprised of principles that guide one's thoughts, actions, behaviors and speech. Hózhó is the harmony of all things in the universe- energy, emotional, behavior, and self.

Hózhóójí Nanitiin (traditional teachings) were given to the Diné people from the holy female deity Yoołgaii Asdzáá (White Shell Woman) and the Holy People (sacred deities).

The harmony-centric philosophy emphasizes that five-fingered beings (humans) have the ability to be self-empowered through responsible thought, speech and behavior; furthermore, humans can also self-destruct by thinking, speaking, and behaving negligently.

The philosophy offers key elements of the moral and behavioral conduct necessary for a long healthy life. For the Diné, hózhó is both a way of living and a state of being. It is a word for the oneness of all things when they are joined together in a balanced state.

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Yá'át'ééh! My name is Alaina Beautiful Bald Eagle and I am an indigenous woman living life as much as I can in hózhó and nizhoni. What does this mean? In my Navajo culture, we believe that hózhó is the harmony of all things in the universe- energy, emotional and behavior. Nizhoni is beauty and we believe that in everything we do, we must walk in beauty. I try my best every day to live by these philosophical and spiritual principles, though I often fail, which is human nature. Join me, as I capture the wonderful moments and recipes of life in hózhó and nizhoni.

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